Skyrun Community & Conservation Projects

Being a part of the SkyRun family means a lot more than just an adventure in the mountains.

It means that you are helping build a school in a remote village, you are clearing invasive exotics, and reforesting the Pungwe River, you are paying school fees for underprivileged and orphaned children, you are helping pay for operations for the sick and helpless and you are creating opportunities for those less fortunate than ourselves through income generating projects like our bee project.

Help us by pledging to raise an amount throughout the year that will be added to our SkyRun profits and will go directly towards these various causes.

Community and Conservation Work

School Building

Skyrun Pledges have made it possible to begin construction on classrooms for a school in the remote Chikaka village. This school will save children walking over 10kms to school.

This will also serve as base to conduct conservation training in due time.

Bee Project

Chikaka is remote village in the Honde valley on the border of the national park. The Chikaka community has been supplied with 15 concrete bee hives for income generation.  

The honey generated by the village, sold and funds are re-invested in the community projects. 

Humble Honie

Humble Honie is produced by the communities supported by Skyrun Zimbabwe. All the proceeds go towards community and conservation projects.

Humble Honie is available for sale at the Far and Wide offices at the Hub, 170 the Chase, Harare, Zimbabwe.