EPIC 2.0 75km SOLD OUT

If you are still unable to get a spot then please fill in our waiting list and we will do our best to sort out a spot for you.

*NB* Before registering please take a look at our pricing page. You are given 14 days to make payment to complete registration. Once registered there will be no refunds in any way due to the nature of the organisation of this event.

Entries left - EPIC 2.0 75km

Entries left - ULTRA 56km

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Register here ⇑ for SkyRun Zim – 9 December 2023




We advise you to fill in your own form and not a form for someone else, as you may not have time to fill in two due to demand.
This process is best done on a laptop or desktop.

  1.  Clear your cache for this site, and don’t try open the link until registration time.
  2. Click on the thumb icon at the bottom of this page for the race that you want to enter.
  3.  Fill in the registration form that your relevant race link takes you too. 
  4. Pledge the amount you would like to raise for our community bee and indigenous reforestation projects.
  5. Submit your registration form with correct information. Failure to do so may result in your registration being rejected.
  6. You will receive an email confirming your entry soon after you have submitted your form. Check your spam if you haven’t received it.
  7. Make relevant payment within 14 days at our Far and Wide/Wild Goat office at the HUB 170 the Chase Groombridge (cash option), if you haven’t paid online (EFT).
  8. Start training and see you all for our training camps or for the race.

 DISCLAIMER: All race registration and entry acceptance remains at the discretion of the SkyRun Zim team even after receiving acceptance email. Once you have submitted your form you agree to all disclaimers, waivers and cancellation policies.

Please Note: Registration will open from 10:00 on Monday the 22nd of February 2023. It is an automatic registration process so follow the links above. As it is automatic it is therefore up to you to be honest about your fitness and ability to take on this challenge. Please send us a message from the Chat to us tab, or use one of the various messaging boxes if you are unsure about something.

Please note that the SkyRun Epic entires will be vetted so include your running CV if you are hoping to enter this race. Should the organising team decide that you are not eligible to run the Epic this year then we urge you to enter the Ultra instead for a chance to win a place next year.

Entry Requirements for The SkyRun Zim Epic

  • You will see a section on the registration form where you can submit your running CV, please do this.
  • Minimum requirements include 1 of the following:
  • 3 completed Ultra Marathon Trail Runs (45km and above with an altitude gain of over 2000metres) in the last 5 years
  • 5 completed Ultra marathon road runs and 2 Ultra marathon trail runs in the last 5 years
  • 2 completed SkyRun Zim Ultras in the last 3 years
  • Please include your planned training schedule for 2023 in your CV


When signing up you will chose an entry only package. For accommodation please look at our accommodation page. Please note that  for accommodation you will be required to fill up a cottage, room or cabin with your running friends in order for you to book that accommodation. 

Community Project Fund Raising

In 2021 we started the journey of our various SkyRun /Far and Wide community projects. The bee project and tree planting project begun in 2022, and the communities are already very excited about these projects. In 2023 we are asking each athlete that enters SkyRun and gets a space, to pledge a sponsored amount towards these projects. This amount must be raised through sponsors, such as businesses and friends to support SkyRun Zim’s sustainability pledge. All of these funds go directly towards these projects.

Sponsored Entries

For the last couple of years Far and Wide Zimbabwe has sponsored 4 Gonarezhou Conservation Trust Rangers and the Ruzawi School Groundsman to enter this incredible race. Each year the rangers have done incredibly well and in 2020 they won the race for the first time, they followed up this win with a first and second in 2021. 2020 and 2021 also saw Peter Kaudani win a sponsored entry. Peter works at Ruzawi school as one of the grounds keepers. He did exceptionally well to pick up second place in the mens lite event in 2020 and a first place in 2021. In 2021 we opened up an option to apply for a sponsored position. We open up this option so that anyone who may not be able to afford the entry fees will have a chance to enter. Simply click on the form and apply. 

*Refunds/Cancelation Policy and Turaco Trail Policy