Refunds & Cancelations

The organisation of the SkyRun event starts in the beginning of the year and costs are incurred early on. Due to the nature of this event once you have made payment we will be unable offer a refund.  We will also not be able to transfer entries to your friends due to our waiting list system. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Waiting List

Should entries be sold out and you would still like to enter then please fill in the waiting list registration form. If we are able to secure you a spot then you will be directed to the relevant payment information. If you have been on the waiting list for 2 years in a row we will ensure that you have a spot.

Turaco Trail

In 2012 Far and Wide approached National Parks to build an exclusive multi-day hiking trail through the Nyanga National Park. Once permission was granted we set to work meticulously creating this trail. It took 3 years to build and map the full 90km’s of trail, as we would hike sections and mark out where we wanted it to be, for our construction team following to dig the trail. Once one section was complete we would move forward and do the next section in the same manner. When designing each section we ensured that we followed international trail construction guide lines and kept it within certain gradients.
When we eventually opened the trail our policy was to ensure that if someone booked the trail they were going to be the only group to be on that trail at any time. This way we guaranteed exclusivity at all times and as a result a sense of being completely alone in pristine wilderness. Marketing it in this way has meant that it has gained an incredible name worldwide.
Every two months we send a team out to clear and maintain the trail so that it is always in perfect condition. This normally takes 3 weeks to do the whole trail.
The Turaco Trail is an exclusive hiking trail using designated overnight campsites for one party walking in one direction only so that no groups ever meet (similar to the Otter Trail in South Africa). We open the trail on one day once a year for the SkyRun, for which we receive a special permit from National Parks.


By registering for SkyRun Zimbabwe I agree to not use the Turaco Trail without booking through Far and Wide Zimbabwe. Please don’t spoil it for others.